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Divorce Attorney in Prospect

The outcome of your divorce will impact everything that you hold dear; this includes your family and especially your children, your residence and everything that you have worked hard to accumulate. With so much riding on the result of your divorce, it is natural that divorce brings along with it a certain amount of stress. My name is Lisa C. Dumond. As an experienced divorce attorney, I will take on your burden so you can focus on your children, your job and your health. To me, divorce is about fairness. I do all that I can to avoid protracted litigation, which is costly both in financial terms as well as emotional. I will do everything I can to ensure that the best interests of your children are served in every family law matter.

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Experienced Connecticut Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Approximately 80% of my law firm’s cases involve family law. Individuals and families across the region regularly place their trust in my law firm. I am able to take on the full range of complex divorce issues such as asset or property division, child custody, visitation, child support and post-judgment modifications of divorce and child custody orders. I have experience representing people from all walks of life, including people with significant marital property concerns. Whatever your situation involves, my philosophy is to handle divorces professionally, ethically and efficiently. I will always focus on what is fair, and never forget that I am dealing with real people facing real problems.

For more on divorce issues, please see our Divorce FAQ.

Child Custody: It’s All About the Children

While the best interest of the children is the primary issue in every child custody determination, the needs of the children are often sadly forgotten. The only time there are winners in child custody contests is when the matter is resolved civilly and both parents continue playing a positive role in the child’s life.

I profoundly understand the importance of handling child custody and visitation matters with the utmost care. In serving as a Guardian ad Litem on a large number of occasions to protect the interests of children, I have long worked to prevent physical, mental and emotional injury from being inflicted upon the child. I work tirelessly to put together a parenting plan that parents can live with, and courts will find acceptable. When circumstances have changed after a child custody or visitation order has been in place, I use the same skills and understanding in creating a modification of that order, if a modification is appropriate under the circumstances.

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