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Protecting Children’s Rights as a Guardian ad Litem

Many times in my career, I have had the privilege to be appointed by courts to serve as a Guardian ad Litem. As a Guardian ad Litem, I gather important information about a child and then make recommendations to the court as to what is in the child’s best interests. Guardian ad Litems work in both divorce and custody matters, before and after the court has entered a judgment.

The State of Connecticut takes this role extremely seriously and does so by requiring eligibility to fulfill this position through specialized training and certification. The court must trust that this person can carry out this important function before any appointment is made. As Guardian ad Litem, I do not act as an attorney; in fact, a Guardian ad Litem does not have to be a lawyer to act in this capacity. Rather, I act as a fact-gatherer for the court, speaking with various professionals and other third parties essential to the child’s life. I then provide the court with information necessary to formulate a workable parenting plan that involves the care and custody of the child and which also serves that child’s best interest.

While non-lawyers may also be appointed, it is extremely beneficial to have someone who thoroughly understands the laws and procedures to take on this role to make certain the child’s needs are met. I have frequently been appointed as Guardian ad Litem in the Waterbury, Litchfield and Milford courts. My wards have been as young as two months, and as old as 17 years. While the ages of the children I serve may be markedly different, their essential needs are the same: To receive the love and care from their parents without enduring the conflict of the parents’ relationship.

Speaking on Behalf of the Children

In other instances, I serve as an Attorney for the Minor Child in both the Superior Court and the Probate Court. In these cases, I am the advocate for what the child desires, rather than reporting on the best interests of the child.

Throughout my legal practice, I am passionate about helping children, and carry this same dedication into my service as Guardian ad Litem, and as Attorney for the Minor Child. My reputation for providing ethical representation has made me an ideal candidate for serving in these critical roles.

Answering Your Guardian ad Litem Questions

There is often no agreement as to who should be appointed the Guardian ad Litem for a minor child or children. That I have been appointed many times over the years attests to my skills to fulfill this role. I am passionate about this area of law and always make the needs of children my highest priority.

If you have a situation where a Guardian ad Litem may be needed, call our Prospect, Connecticut, law office at 800-772-1167 or complete our online contact form to arrange a consultation.