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Providing Exceptional Representation in Matters of Marital Property Division

Every divorce brings with it its own set of unique challenges. When spouses own property together, or when one or both spouses own a closely held business or professional practice, the division of marital property can be highly contested. If you believe that property division will be a source of contention in your divorce, it is especially important to retain a lawyer who understands what is at stake.

I am family law attorney Lisa C. Dumond of ZNC Law | Zeldes Needle and Cooper, P.C.. From my office in Prospect, Connecticut, I represent people throughout New Haven County in matters of divorce, including simple and complex property division. I will work diligently to put you in the best position to protect your financial situation now and in the future.

To speak with me about your goals and concerns, please call me in Prospect at 800-772-1167 or complete my contact form. I represent clients in New Haven County and the surrounding areas.

Adept at Managing Property Distribution Issues

In Connecticut, marital property is distributed equitably. Equitable and equal are not the same thing, and when determining each spouse’s share of marital assets, courts have substantial discretion. Whenever possible, I will negotiate a fair resolution, although if litigation is necessary, I will be prepared to present a strong case.

Establishing the value of assets is critical in divorce, particularly when couples have substantial assets. This is especially the case when one or both spouses own a business, as spouses may have vastly different ideas as to what the business is worth. I will work closely with experts to determine the value of a business or other marital assets. With these estimates in hand, I will negotiate to ensure you recover an equitable share of the marital estate. I will also create an effective strategy to handle tax considerations, the terms of a premarital agreement, if a valid prenuptial agreement exists, alimony, and other unique factors.

Of course, while property distribution may be very important in your divorce, I will not lose sight of other issues, particularly when minor children are involved. My experience as a Guardian ad Litem is instrumental in helping to understand and protect a child’s interests in divorce.

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To schedule a consultation, please call my law firm in Prospect, Connecticut, at 800-772-1167 or complete my contact form.