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Handling Wills and Estate Administration

I prepare wills and living wills and assist with estate administration for families throughout New Haven County and the surrounding areas. In addition, I have been appointed by the court in a number of estate matters to act as fiduciary of an estate when there are no other viable individuals to administer the estate. In all matters, I am extremely attentive to all the details, and know how to complete these tasks as efficiently as possible.

The Depth and Breadth of Experience You Need

As an Associate Professor at Post University in Waterbury, Connecticut, I teach a course titled Wills, Trusts and Estates to undergraduate students. In this course, I explain the importance of will preparation so that your loved ones are provided for in the manner you intend instead of according to state law, which may not always be fair in light of the circumstances.

As a lawyer, I impart this same knowledge to my clients, counseling them to make wise decisions. Will and living will preparation also takes the burden, and often-painful decision-making process, off the surviving family in their time of grief. Additionally, I advise my clients on the pros and cons of a living will and appointment of a health care agent. These documents provide clear direction as to the client’s preference at end of life as well as who shall be responsible for making those very important health care decisions.

Once an individual passes, the family is often overwhelmed with the probate process. An attorney can provide invaluable assistance. In my estate administration practice, I work closely with the fiduciary of the estate to take care of the details and simplify the process as efficiently as possible, all the while understanding the need for closure.

Guiding You Through Complex Estate Matters

Probate and estate administration are becoming increasingly complex for many reasons. With a growing number of individuals being married more than one time, issues arise regarding who should be the rightful heir. The rights of children or stepchildren to inherit may be ignored. Also, following a divorce, it’s possible to lose track of assets.

A well-prepared will can prevent confusion as to who is entitled to assets during estate distribution. When an estate is administered correctly, the entire distribution process can go smoothly and efficiently.

General probate practice

There may come a time when it may be necessary to apply for conservatorship of a parent or other loved one who may be having difficulty handling financial or other matters on their own, or you may need to apply for custody or guardianship of a grandchild or other minor, guardianship of an intellectually disabled person, or, in other circumstances, to terminate the parental rights of your child’s or grandchild’s parent. Lisa C. Dumond has vast experience in these areas as well and can assist you in this very emotional process.

Contact Lisa C. Dumond

Based in Prospect, Connecticut, I represent people in matters of wills, estate administration, and general probate matters in New Haven County and the surrounding areas. Call 800-772-1167 or complete our online contact form to set up a consultation.